Mission & Flight Critical Processors

Lockheed Martin’s Avionics Mission Systems provide the most advanced mission processing capabilities designed for the most extreme Size Weight and Power constrained environments, providing low risk, cost-effective, platform independent, open architecture.

Mission & Flight Critical Processors

• Family of open architecture processors designed to meet mission computing requirements

• Compliant to Aviation Safety requirements for DO-254 and DO-178

• Open standards based for easy technology insertions

• Supports multiple video input and output channels

• Designed for the most extreme aviation applications

• Proven for Cockpit and Mission applications

Security/ Anti-Tamper

• Scalable security solutions to prevent reverse engineering

• Security built into architecture from beginning

• Highly integrated Multi Levels of Security (MLS) systems and solutions to address cyber security threats

Designed for FACETM Conformance

• Turn-key software interface to integrate with FACETM software components

• Compatible with extensive library of FACETM applications

• Flexible design to support many mission requirements

Designed for HOSTTM Conformance

• Standardized set of cards

• Standardized interfaces to provide functionality

• Platform agnostic


Common Mission Processor (CMP)

The CMP is an open architecture, 3U OpenVPX chassis designed for upgradability and sustainability.  The CMP is designed to meet the harshest rotary and fixed wing environmental conditions and the most stringent safety and security requirements.  The CMP provides a mission and graphics processing platform for integration of on-board sensors, data links and defensive avionics implementing software developed in accordance with the FACE™ standard.
Designed with the use of composite material and advanced Air Flow Through cooling techniques, the CMP brings an extremely lightweight and highly reliable solution for avionics integration.

Special Mission Processor (SMP)

The SMP is a highly versatile, highly integrated avionics processor designed for extreme military environments.  The SMP combines safety-critical processing, integrated graphics and video processing and Windows® based processing in a single LRU.  The SMP is qualified for MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD-704 as well as TEMPEST and DO-178B Level A.

The SMP is designed to Open Systems Standards to allow implementation of Third-Party Software and hardware. The SMP has been deployed to enable integration of capabilities such as Common Terrain Following Radar System, Radio Frequency Countermeasure (RFCM) system, and Airborne Mission Networking (AbMN).


High Performance Embedded Processor

The Advanced Mission Computer II (AMCII) is a second generation embedded mission computer that provides critical core processing nodes as well as I/O processing and the optical network hub for interface to various subsystems throughout the aircraft.

The Integrated Core Processor (ICP) is one of the world’s smallest deployed liquid cooled, airborne super computer. The ICP provides the primary embedded computing elements capable of managing all aircraft subsystems and sensors. The ICP has the processing power to handle all sensor processing and mission planning. It is enabled with a high-speed photonic data network for low latency subsystem communications.

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Oct 26, 2020
For the past three years Lockheed Martin and Binghamton University have been helping DARPA figure out how to beat hackers at their own game by identifying a Hardware Architecture Resilient by Design (H.A.R.D.) approach.
May 01, 2020
Third Party Article
Navy program to upgrade the avionics of C/KC-130T Hercules logistics support and aerial refueling aircraft successfully completed a crucial developmental test and evaluation event last month thanks to the ingenuity of the program team who overcame challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
May 05, 2020
Third Party Article
Due to travel restrictions because of COVID-19, the Navy and Lockheed Martin remotely tested software fixes for the latest software build of the C/KC-130T Avionics Obsolescence Upgrade (AOU) program in Fort Worth last month, the service said.
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