LM 400

More Capable LM 400 Satellite Bus Designed
to Meet Urgent Mission Needs


  • The mid-sized LM 400 is now arguably Lockheed Martin’s most flexible satellite bus with capabilities that could serve military, civil or commercial users.
  • The LM 400 is a multi-mission satellite that can be tailored for almost any mission, including remote sensing, communications, imaging and radar.
  • With SmartSat™, Lockheed Martin’s software-defined satellite architecture, the LM 400 has even greater mission flexibility and the ability to perform onboard data processing, greatly reducing the time it takes to get actionable data into the hands of mission operators and decision makers on the ground.
  • For potential military applications, the LM 400 conforms Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) for interoperability with other platforms from all the services, helping to enable to Department of Defense’s vision for Joint All-Domain Operations/Joint All-Domain Command and Control  (JADO/JADC2).
  • Spanning the length and width of your average home refrigerator, the LM 400 features greater propulsion and better low Earth orbit (LEO), medium Earth orbit (MEO) and geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) operability compared to others in its class.
  • The LM 400 space vehicle is compatible with a range of launch vehicles as a single, ride-share or multi-launch system.



  • The LM 400 is part of Lockheed Martin’s modernized family of digitally-enabled satellite designs. By leveraging and emphasizing commonalities across missions, these new satellites are able to be produced faster and at a lower cost to our customers.
  • “Born digital,” we designed the LM 400 for optimum reconfigurability and design reuse.



  • Each LM 400 can be designed to meet specific customer needs allowing for Mission unique customization. For example:
    • Satellites can have single-string or fully-redundant avionics
    • Bus Mass Up to 1,000kg
    • Payload Power Accommodations up to 14 KW Peak
    • High power option up to 100V
  • The resilient LM 400 is ideal for solo or constellation missions at LEO, MEO and GEO orbits.



  • Lockheed Martin has a plan to self-fund regular on-orbit LM 400 technology demonstration missions to accelerate the technical maturity of our satellites and advanced payloads, as well as showcase how new capabilities can be delivered quickly to customers.
  • The LM 400 Technology Demonstrator, also known as the LM 400 Tech Demo, is the first unit off Lockheed Martin’s new LM 400 space vehicle production line, is fully assembled and recently completed Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility testing.
  • The first LM 400 Tech Demo will carry a single string Electronically Steered Array (ESA) payload.
  • We have already begun work on the next LM 400 demonstrator, which will test even higher power payloads on orbit using the LM 400 platform.



  • The LM 400 is already on production contract.
  • This rapid production line is being stood up in our $350M Gateway Center in Waterton, Colorado. This new state-of-the art, 266,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is capable of producing next generation satellites of any size and accommodating multiple classification levels.
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