Gateway Center

Lockheed Martin Gateway Center

The future of space requires advanced manufacturing and high-rate production today. That is what the Gateway Center delivers.

Our Gateway Center is built with maximum flexibility for rapid production, integration and testing all in a highly-configurable space. Through these doors, we can build any size satellite and accommodate multiple classification levels. Over the past five years, we've invested more than a billion dollars in strengthening innovation, infrastructure and partnerships for our customers and will continue to transform our business operations for speed and agility.

We’re investing $350 million to build the most advanced satellite manufacturing facility in Lockheed Martin’s history. The new Gateway Center is 266,000 square feet and includes:
Gateway High Bay

A high bay clean room where we’ll build and test multiple large and small satellites simultaneously
Gateway Thermal Chamber

A large thermal vacuum chamber that simulates the harsh environment of space for testing satellites before they launch
Gateway Anechoic Chamber

An expansive anechoic chamber for safely testing satellite antennae, sensors and communications systems
The new center is designed for the assembly, integration and test of national security, scientific and commercial satellites. Starting with piece parts and subsystems and ending with a completed satellite ready for shipment to the launch site. The layout of this new facility is optimized for a streamlined process flow that enhances quality, efficiency and affordability.
Gateway Center Layout

The high bay is a Class 100k clean room, capable of processing five modernized A2100 satellites or multiple small- to medium-sized satellites at one time. Satellites can move easily from the high bay to the nearby thermal vacuum chamber and anechoic chamber, facilitating a one hour move time versus a two-day operation.  

Once the Gateway Center is complete, Lockheed Martin will have a total of 3.5 million square feet of production, engineering, test and office space, making our Denver-based facility one of the largest satellite and space manufacturing centers in the world.

Lockheed Martin Gateway Center

Beyond the streamlined facility layout and self-contained test chambers, enterprise planning tools will be implemented to make every operation and process efficient, mistake-proof and paperless. The integration of these tools will enable on-time parts and components to streamline our assembly process.

Digital features include bluetooth tools that self-check and directly link and record data into the work instruction. We will automate the test process which reduces procedure development time by 30 percent and test execution time by 15 percent. Automation processes can be used on mobile devices, enabling total access to all data, procedures and drawings at the touch of a finger. The Gateway Center will also house pick-and-place robots that will deliver parts directly to technicians.

Through 3D printing, virtual reality design and improved commonality of components, our goal is to deliver satellites that are dramatically more powerful and flexible at a fraction of the cost and delivery time for our customers.

Vacuum Chamber
Lockheed Martin Gateway Center
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