In partnership with Turkish industry and government, Lockheed Martin has contributed to Turkey’s defense capabilities and other government projects such as vessel traffic control, a system that manages some of the world’s busiest waterways.

Major programs in Turkey include:

F-16 Fighting Falcons

Through a joint venture with Turkish Aircraft Industries (TAI), Turkey coproduces F-16 Fighting Falcons, manufacturing up to 75 percent of its own F-16 order.

Fixed Wing Sensors

Sniper ATPs and LANTIRN ER navigation pods provide a significant capability upgrade to the Turkish Air Force’s F-16 fleet. LANTIRN ER's 3rd generation navigation FLIR and enhanced image processing allow aircrews to go far beyond their current capability, and Sniper ATP provides enhanced target detection and identification, expanding the F-16's ability to conduct non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Hellfire II Missile

AGM-114M, an advanced variant of the Hellfire II missiles is deployed on Turkey's S-70B Seahawk rotary wing aircraft.

Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS)

This Lockheed Martin program manages vessel traffic through the Istanbul and Çanakkle Straits- both among the world’s most challenging waterways.

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