Canadian Surface Combatant

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The new Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) will be an advanced and modern combat ship, equipped with next generation technology to capably support and protect the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy as they fulfill their wide range of missions around the world, from humanitarian assistance to high-intensity conflicts, for the next 40+ years.
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The CSC team

With decades of partnership with the Government of Canada and experience in delivering complex naval programs to the Royal Canadian Navy, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. and the Lockheed Martin Canada-led design team will successfully steer the CSC’s combat management systems from design to delivery.

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is building 15 new Canadian Surface Combatants at its Halifax shipyard as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Government of Canada’s long-term strategy that, in addition to renewing the federal fleet, is reinvigorating the shipbuilding sector, an industry sector vital to Canadian sovereignty.

The Design Team

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. has engaged Lockheed Martin Canada to lead the design team, a powerhouse consortium of companies (BAE SystemsCAEL3 HarrisMDA, and Ultra Electronics) and suppliers that will design the ship and integrate the CSC’s combat management system, right here in Canada.

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The Canadian Surface Combatant program is already delivering significant economic benefits to Canada, that will be measured in billions of dollars over the life of the program. It will bring advancements in Canadian technology and manufacturing all along the Canadian supply chain, including among SMEs; investments in research and development; and, increased global export opportunities.

Canadians employed
Facilities from coast to coast
Canadian small and medium-sized suppliers
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Contributing Billions and Fueling Canada’s Economy
Jun 30, 2020
The Canadian Surface Combatant program is positioned to deliver significant economic benefits to Canada, projected to be measured in billions of dollars over the life of the program.
Discover the Dream Job - Designing Canada's Most Capable Combat Ship
Jun 30, 2020
Many engineers dream of working on the largest, most complex projects out there. Evan Douglas has found one such program.
Discover the Dream Job - Training Canada’s Next Generation Sailors
Jun 30, 2020
Meet Kate O'Neill, Technical Training Associate Manager at Lockheed Martin Canada, who oversees training programs, including the Canadian Surface Combatant.
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