Lockheed Martin UK Employee Testimonials

Mission-Focused Innovation

"Working at Lockheed Martin for over five years has afforded me with many experiences of solving complex challenges, particularly in the three years I have been a Programme Manager in Lockheed Martin's Cyber & Intelligence market stream. The work my teams carry out is at the heart of our customer’s Mission, which brings an enormous amount of passion and pride to the staff that deliver innovative solutions and support their mission critical capabilities. I have had the full support of my leaders in challenging the status quo for Cyber UK, ensuring our staff get the recognition and attention they deserve.

In a relatively short amount of time investments in Research and Development, New Business and the facility (and infrastructure within) has increased, allowing us to focus on the complex environments and opportunities that C6ISR  (Command Control Communications Computers Cyber-Defence and Combat Systems and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) encompasses. From Cyber & Intelligence to Cyber Range and across Spectrum Convergence, our UK Cyber presence is moving at pace, using innovative ideas from our inspiring staff.

Every day brings a new challenge at Cyber UK, and knowing I am empowered as a Lockheed Martin leader, notwithstanding a female one, in a male-dominated space, energises me to continue to develop not just my own career, but also those around me. The work we do with local schools, including work experience, summer students, interns and apprentices gives me confidence that we are attracting future “Cyberists” to this exciting space!"

Foundational Values

"I have been working for Lockheed Martin for nearly 15 years, joining straight from university as a graduate Human Factors Engineer. I have always been an openly proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, but I did not feel comfortable to be myself in a professional environment initially. I feared it would hold me back, and I would not progress in the organisation. My reluctance to bring my true self to work soon changed when I realised that I was my own barrier, and that the inclusive and tolerant environment which existed at work meant that my sexuality really didn’t matter.

The environment we have is no small part due to Lockheed Martin’s willingness and on-going commitment to change to improve inclusivity in workplace. This has never been more apparent to me than the recent efforts Lockheed Martin UK has gone to, this has seen clarifications to policies, how maternity/paternity apply to the modern context of family, equality in pension rights, as well us setting up and funding a Lockheed Martin UK Pride Network for LGBTQ+ employees and allies.

I am proud to work for Lockheed Martin. I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences as an LGBTQ+ employee, and with my recent progression in to First Line Management, it proves that my initial fears were completely unfounded."

Empowered To Be Your Best

"I joined Lockheed Martin after serving 29 years in the Royal Navy. I have since joined the Royal Navy Reserve and spend up to 24 days per year back in uniform. I am in my ninth year working for Lockheed Martin and I currently work as a systems engineer supporting the Royal Navy Merlin Mk2 Helicopter; additionally I provide some project management assistance in planning and managing tactical upgrades to the aircraft.

My military service ingrained in me the importance of working together and creating a good team ethos within the organisation and within the wider stakeholder (customer) communities. I bring this with me back into Lockheed Martin and have been very successful in building relationships and teams within the wider customer/stakeholder group – leading to great results for Lockheed Martin and our customer.

Another trait, learned from my military experience, is understanding the values of good leadership – such as taking accountability for my actions. I feel suitably empowered and am unafraid to make complex decisions; and when required am confident to have difficult discussions with colleagues and/or customers to come to a common understanding.

Lockheed Martin’s policy allowing 15 days paid Reservist Service is a real bonus for me as I can dip into military life and maintain currency with their leadership fundamentals and conversely conduct appropriate knowledge transfer gained whilst working for Lockheed Martin. I am extremely proud of my military service, met some great people and achieved some great collective goals – I am glad to say this has also been the case working for Lockheed Martin."

Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Life

"I have been with Lockheed Martin UK Strategic Systems team for seven years now. I started with the company in a very demanding administration role within the Training Department, organising courses and supporting our employees with their learning. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and often received excellent feedback for my performance and dedication, but I was very soon looking for an opportunity to further my career and find my next challenge.

In 2015, I completed the Defence Systems Approach to Training Instructional Design course and my hard work resulted in internal promotion into the Training Design world. This career change also presented an opportunity to approach management and discuss my options with regards to flexible working – with a husband deployed in the Royal Navy and my daughter starting school I knew I had to re-evaluate my work/life balance. I was allowed greater flexibility within my role, thus enabling me to fully support my family life and my career.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and I have just recently returned from having my second child. Lockheed Martin has been supportive and understanding during my return to work phase, which means I am able to manage a hectic (and fun) family of four thanks to the flexibility, benefits, and work/life balance commitment. The company have shown me that I do not have to choose between a career and my family, and I am grateful for the opportunities they continue to provide."

Diverse Career Opportunities

"Having been referred by my big sister, I was interviewed for a role that I clearly didn’t have the skills for. Undeterred, I spoke with the recruiter, and a few weeks later I was interviewed and offered a role at the new Swanwick Air Traffic Control Centre as a test engineer.  

This introductory role helped me develop interpersonal skills and establish key relationships. After sharing my passion for data analysis, I was offered an opportunity in one of the customer teams.

Feeling the need to progress my career, I applied for a management role. I was unsuccessful but after requesting feedback I was determined to address my lack of team leadership experience. With the help and support of my mentor I applied for a team lead role within Rotary and Mission Systems and was successful! This role gave me exposure to commercial projects with a very different pace of work.  Two years down the line the original management role became available and this time I was successful. This kickstarted a whole new avenue for me.

I truly found my direction when I started focusing on IT and established new service delivery models that focused on a one Lockheed Martin approach. Before long these models were also adopted in Australia and Canada. Today I lead the International IT organisation, providing IT support to 7,500 users spread over 51 countries. All of this has been possible with the help of my wife and three children - and maybe my big sister should get some credit."