Contact Us

The information listed below is designed to provide helpful guidance in contacting Lockheed Martin UK.

Lockheed Martin UK Corporate Headquarters:

+44 (0) 207 823 0700

Requests for Information About Individuals:

We regret that we cannot provide information about specific individuals working at Lockheed Martin UK.  This includes: e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and employment verification.

Employment Opportunities:

If you are interested in applying for any of the UK positions we are currently recruiting for, please check out our careers page.

We also have exciting opportunities to join one of our Early Careers UK development programmes in a range of roles. Whatever your direction, Lockheed Martin UK can help your development with competitive salaries and benefits, flexible schedules and more. Check out the UK careers page for more information.

UK Media Questions:

All questions from media professionals regarding business in the UK should be directed to:

Hannah Lavery
+44 (0) 7805 751617

John Neilson
+44 (0)207 979 8075