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We are here to help the UK overcome its most complex challenges and stay ahead of emerging threats by providing the most technologically advanced solutions.

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Armoured Vehicles

Armoured Vehicles
Our manufacturing facilities in Bedfordshire are where we design, develop and deliver turrets for the British Army’s AJAX vehicles.

F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 is providing game changing, 5th generation capability to the UK Armed Forces but the programme is also bringing billions of dollars to UK industry.

Space Solutions

Space Launch
With decades of experience delivering global communications, weather forecasting, space exploration and national security, we want to play a key role in growing the UK’s space industry.
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Ascent, a 50/50 joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Babcock International is delivering the UK’s Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) which provides training for all UK Armed Forces pilots and rear crew.

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All UK Products and Capabilities

Armoured Vehicles
Lockheed Martin’s site in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, is home to an advanced manufacturing capability. The 64 acre site has benefited from multi-million pound investment and now boasts 20,000m 2 of state-of-the-art production facilities. It is a centre of excellence, unique to the UK, for armoured fighting vehicles, turret systems, and vehicle systems integration. Hundreds of highly skilled engineers work on major projects, including two high-profile programmes for the UK MoD.
Army Collective Training Service
The British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme
BLACK HAWK® for New Medium Helicopter
Discover the versatility of Sikorsky BLACK HAWK helicopters for military missions and civilian use. Explore more solutions at Lockheed Martin.
C-130J Super Hercules
Discover how the C-130J Super Hercules provides enhanced situational awareness, offering flexibility and versatility for military and humanitarian missions.
As the prime contractor, Lockheed Martin is responsible for the overall design and development of CROWSNEST, which will provide a vital surveillance capability to support the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Class carriers.
Chinook Mk6 Synthetic Training System Facility
Chinook Mk6 Synthetic Training System Facility
Lockheed Martin is a global leader delivering full spectrum cyber capabilities -- supporting the offensive and defensive efforts of our defense and intelligence community customers.
F-35 Lightning II
Explore the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft, equipped with advanced sensors, stealth technology and supersonic speed. Learn more at Lockheed Martin.
GMLRS: The Precision Fires Go-To Round
Supporting ranges of 70 KM and beyond, GMLRS is the go-to guided missile for precision strikes and assured mission success.
Gen 3 TADS/PNVS is the combat-proven, advanced electro-optical fire control system used by AH-64D/E Apache helicopter pilots.
Javelin Weapon System
Discover the Javelin, a portable and effective missile defense system, ideal for countering medium-range antitank threats.
Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions (JAMES)
Since initial operating capability in 2005, Lockheed Martin, with its Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions (JAMES) logistics technology, celebrates more than 10 years of managing assets.
Lockheed Martin’s LARES Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR)/Situational Awareness (SA) system provides an aerial unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) service to the warfighter.
Merlin Helicopter
The Merlin HM Mk2 helicopter is the Royal Navy’s airborne submarine hunter.
Military Flying Training System (MFTS)
The Distributed Mission Operations Center (DMOC) is the Air Force’s hub for distributed combat training exercises, testing and experimentation. Through the DMOC, warfighters at locations around the globe face realistic threat scenarios to practice tactics and procedures.
Multiple Launch Rocket System (M270)
The new M270A1 launcher appears identical to existing M270s while incorporating an Improved Fire Control System (IFCS) and an Improved Launcher Mechanical System (ILMS).
Platform Integration
The Platform Integration (PI) business unit within Lockheed Martin UK traces its origins from decades of UK platform integration programmes, particularly in weapons, vehicles and Air Defence.
Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier Support
Lockheed Martin has a key role in delivering and maintaining capability for the U.K.’s Armed Forces. We are proud to be a part of the U.K.’s most important defence programmes, protecting the nation and boosting the U.K.’s ability to project power around the world. The F-35 Lightning II and the Merlin Mk2 helicopter-borne surveillance and intelligence provided by CROWSNEST are integral to the U.K.’s Carrier Enabled Power Projection capabilities.
Lockheed Martin UK provides key UK Ground Based Air Defence capabilities through its SkyKeeper product.
TIQUILA Unmanned Aerial System
TIQUILA is a complete Intelligence, Surveillance, Tracking And Reconnaissance (ISTAR) programme utilising small uncrewed aerial systems (SUAS).
UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (UK CATT)
Lockheed Martin UK’s Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) facility is a networked suite of simulators used to train a variety of British Army personnel from soldier right through to brigade commander using computer generated forces to represent varying threat scenarios.
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