Life at Lockheed Martin

Life at Lockheed Martin

At Lockheed Martin, we apply our passion for purposeful innovation to keep people safe and solve the world’s most complex challenges. By creating five pillars covering a number of different areas, we believe this creates an innovative and engaging workplace for our employees to work and experience a mission that matters.

Here are some of our employees discussing their personal journeys within Lockheed Martin and how these five pillars have come into play in their careers.
Mission-Focused Innovation: 

From aerospace, to outer space, to cyberspace, we give you the chance to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Kirsty M.

"Working at Lockheed Martin for over five years has afforded me with many experiences of solving complex challenges, particularly in the three years I have been a Programme Manager in Lockheed Martin’s Cyber & Intelligence market stream. The work my teams carry out is at the heart of our customer’s Mission."  Read more.

Foundational Values: 

Our culture of performance excellence, ethics, teamwork and inclusion is embedded in everything we do.

Fred E.

"I have been working for Lockheed Martin for nearly 15 years, joining straight from university as a graduate Human Factors Engineer. I have always been an openly proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, but I did not feel comfortable to be myself in a professional environment initially. I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences as an LGBTQ+ employee, and with my recent progression in to First Line Management, it proves that my initial fears were completely unfounded." Read more.

Empowered To Be Your Best:

Make a difference in the lives of others, our customers and our planet.

Dougy W.

"My military service ingrained in me the importance of working together and creating a good team ethos within the organisation and within the wider stakeholder (customer) communities. I bring this with me back into Lockheed Martin and have been very successful in building relationships and teams within the wider customer/stakeholder group – leading to great results for Lockheed Martin and our customer."  Read more.

Diverse Career Opportunities: 

You can grow your career and skills for life with technology-driven learning platforms and programs that enable your development and agility.

Paul H.

"With the help and support of my mentor, I applied for a team lead role within Rotary and Mission Systems and was successful! This role gave me exposure to commercial projects with a very different pace of work. Two years down the line the original management role became available and this time I was successful. This kickstarted a whole new avenue for me."  Read more.

Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Life:

Our flexible schedules, competitive pay and comprehensive benefits enable you to live a healthy, fulfilling life at and outside of work.

Lesleyanne G.

"I have just recently returned from having my second child. Lockheed Martin has been supportive during my return to work phase, which means I am able to manage a hectic (and fun) family of four thanks to the flexibility, benefits and work/life balance." Read more.

Lockheed Martin supports its employees through its strong culture and ethics which are embedded into every working day, however underpinning all of this are the amazing benefits we have to offer you.


As well as providing you ongoing training in your core role, we actively encourage personal development with ongoing training offerings, this is supported by several programmes and courses which are run by Lockheed Martin internally and externally. Programmes and courses have been specifically created to support and enhance developmental needs at all levels. I.e.

  • Upskilling courses: Courses created to support individuals with building personal/soft skills
  • Leadership/Aspiring Leaders Development: To support newly appointed Leaders and those wanting to grow in a leadership role
  • Self-Development: Executive Presence & Building Emotional Agility

In addition to supporting your development we may provide funding for further academic qualifications if this supports your developmental needs and those of the business, this is to encourage an environment of continuous learning.

Benefits (as standard) 

  • 4XFlex schedule – Full-time employees can choose to move to our 4XFlex schedule, a flexible approach to when we work, transitioning from 75 work hours over 9 days, to 75 work hours over 8 days. Part-time employees also have a range of options based on their current work schedule.
  • Market-Leading Pension – Save for retirement through the Lockheed Martin Pension Plan and receive valuable company contributions towards your future.
  • Life Insurance – A lump sum payout to your relatives or dependants in the event of your death ensures their financial security.
  • Income Protection – If you have an illness or injury that means you are unable to work for over 26 weeks, Lockheed Martin will support you with a percentage of salary every month. 
  • Private Medical Insurance – We all need access to medical care; Lockheed Martin covers employees for access to private medical treatment when you need it most.
  • Health Assessments – Lockheed Martin provides private health assessments to all employees every three years.
  • Employee Discounts – Lockheed Martin employees enjoy access to cashback and discounts at hundreds of popular retailers, online or in store.
  • Employee Assistance – As an employee, you get free confidential support or advice, 24/7, on anything from legal advice to personal and professional guidance.
  • Mental Health – Everyone has Mental Health, and we make sure you have industry leading tools at your fingertips to help yours when needed.
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