Uncover Innovation and Collaboration Opportunities

SMEUNITE® is a Lockheed Martin UK-designed supplier ecosystem for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that will offer a collaborative technical community to support emerging and future business opportunities.

We've created a virtual supplier ecosystem. SMEUNITE® uncovers innovation and collaboration prospects and provides best value for money to our customers with the added benefit of being able to proactively manage performance and risk. In today’s business environment, we know that value is added across an ‘entire’ supply chain in which information sharing and information technology play a major role. 


What Are the Benefits?

  • Experience and expertise of a large prime leader
  • Opportunities to bid for work packages against only other SMEs
  • Stay up to date with the latest customer requirements, technology and challenges
  • Compliance and quality leadership
  • Reliability
  • Network of suppliers – collaboration framework beyond normal reach
  • There is no cost to join SMEUNITE®


Join the Ecosystem

Visit and follow the ‘Create Supplier Account’ link to register.  You will begin the onboarding process once your registration has been approved by Lockheed Martin.


Contact Us to Talk to a Representative

For further information, including how to join SMEUNITE®, please contact: