Hercules Orion Conference

Lockheed Martin invites you to attend the 2022 Hercules Orion Conference (HOC) “Achieve Excellence”

Oct.17-20, 2022  Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center

In response to customer feedback, while focusing on customer needs, the Hercules and Orion communities united in 2019 for a combined conference. This collaboration continues in 2022 as represented by the official renaming to the “Hercules Orion Conference,” which reflects the shared mobility and operational interest among the communities.  We also are introducing a new format. This new format and “tracks” allow for added collaboration among communities of interest.

This annual event includes more than 80 exhibitors; briefings on the C-130B-J, L-100, LM-100J, and P-3/CP-140 aircraft; and provides networking opportunities that allow for sharing operational, technical, modification and maintenance insights among Hercules and Orion operators, aircrew, service centers, logisticians and suppliers.

As you make plans to attend the HOC, take note of key enhancements and information about this year’s conference. While embracing and accelerating change, Lockheed Martin will focus on discriminators that optimize affordability, readiness and resilient logistics to enhance the event’s value.  Please review the following information in support of this important engagement opportunity:

Registration/Event Information:

HOC 2022 registration opens the first week of June. Event schedule, logistics, accommodations, networking events and registration information will be available on the website. 

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Four distinct sponsorship level are available this year: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Sponsorships have a limited availability. For more information, contact the Customer Support Center at hoc.support@lmco.com or via telephone at +1 770-494-9131. 

Keynote and Featured Speakers:

Each day of the conference includes at least two speakers that bring key insights into the Orion and Hercules communities.  These engaging speakers represent a variety of operational backgrounds.

Dedicated Tracks and Workshops:

The 2022 HOC provides unparalleled value to operators and maintainers through five dedicated tracks:  Operations, Maintenance & Support; Technology &Capability Advancement; C-130J & LM-100J; C-130B-H & L-100; and P-3& CP-140.These tracks include presentations, operator updates and workshop-style interactions.

Aircraft in Action:

As part of the 2022 HOC, operators have a forum to share stories about how they use the C-130,L-100/LM-100J, and P-3/CP-140 aircraft—including how they support operational and humanitarian efforts across the globe.  We will highlight these stories through photos, videos and words. Photos will be featured in the 2023 HOC calendar; videos are shown throughout the conference; and written accounts are included on the HOC website and the C-130 app (available via the App and Google Play stores as the Herc Support app). Photos must be high-resolution (>300dpi) and include aircraft owner/operator; aircraft model/version; location photograph was taken; release of copyright; and photographer’s name and contact information.  Submit all photos, videos and stories to hoc.support@lmco.com.Deadline for photos to be considered for inclusion in the 2023 calendar is June 30, 2022. Deadline for photos, videos, and written accounts to be included in the conference is Aug.15, 2022.  

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NOTICE: Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the products or services presented during the Hercules Orion Conference (HOC). The views, opinions or recommendations expressed by any of the HOC participants during formal and informal presentations, briefings or discussions do not necessarily reflect those of LMC.
HOC presentation

2022 Event Information

Please direct conference questions to  hoc.support@lmco.com or +1 770-494-9131. We look forward to seeing you in October for the 2022 Hercules Orion Conference!