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Analytics & Big Data in Health Care


We know that our capabilities in data analytics and genomics can be applied to health care, helping health care systems and providers deliver more personalized medicine with higher likelihood of improved outcomes.

Analytics: Our analytics platform unlocks the wealth of knowledge from patient electronic health records and provides actionable solutions to help clinicians be more effective and improve patient outcomes. We’ve taken our expertise in engineering and data analytics and applied it to health care to mine data and perform analytics on it – offering tremendous benefits in the clinical space. Our algorithms help unlock data from each person’s health record and apply specific rule sets to identify patients in need of interventions that can save their lives. As an industry leader in cyber security, our systems ensure private personal data is secure and protected.

For example, we’ve partnered with a Mid-Atlantic based integrated healthcare system on an analytics pilot. We’re sifting through nearly a million health care records to identify patients at risk for cardiac illness early; avoiding costly hospitalization, saving millions of dollars and hundreds of lives.

Big Data: Health care decision makers need easy access to trend data, in real-time, to make quicker decisions that optimize resources and patient care.

Lockheed Martin offers a variety of solutions to optimize data warehouses and enable collaborative research and analytics across organizational boundaries. Through an iterative process – Profile, Prioritize and Plan, Migrate and Validate – we help build cost-effective and future ready data warehouses. These data hubs offer a productivity environment with common standards and techniques, enabling more efficient collaboration on data, analytics and insights.

Genomics: Everyone agrees that the future of medicine is personalized. Lockheed Martin and its partners are building a scalable genomics platform to embark on the era of truly personalized medicine. We’re integrating best of breed sequencing technologies and algorithms with systems engineering and enterprise IT – providing faster results, at lower cost, with greater reliability.

Sepsis Detection: Using analytical technology developed to detect launched missiles, Lockheed Martin has discovered a way to identify sepsis, a potentially fatal blood condition, between 14 to 16 hours earlier than physicians currently do. The solution requires looking at the human body’s data the same way you would collect sensor data from a missile traveling at mach speed – as continuously changing signals. Initial trials indicate Lockheed Martin’s solution detects Sepsis, a leading cause of death in the U.S., faster and more accurately than current industry-accepted methods.



Identify Illness Before Your Body Does

As data analytics technology evolves, we can harness data to identify trends, detect disease and predict medical complications.


Insights and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Today's analytics are about what happened - tomorrow's analytics will drive business decisions.

Genomics Platform

Genomics Platform

Our genomics platform spans a wide variety of applications -- with privacy and security at the core.