T-50 Multirole Trainer

T-50 Multirole Trainer
This is a new era in military aviation. The F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, the world’s only 5th Generation fighters, have advanced capabilities that have never been available before. Advanced pilot training is the key to taking advantage of them. The T-50 Family of Systems is purpose-built around 5th Generation thinking. There is no more effective or affordable way to train the next generation of pilots to fly, fight and win.

Train the Way You Fight
As the leader in 5th Generation development, Lockheed Martin, in partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries, brings the experience and leadership to support the next generation of pilots.

Low Risk, On Time
The T-50 delivers the fighter-like performance and capabilities needed to eliminate 5th Generation training gaps and inefficiencies. It has flown over 100,000 flight hours, trained over 1,000 fighter pilots, with a proven high operational availability track record.


The T-50 program is a joint development between Lockheed Martin and Korea Aerospace Industries to meet the advanced jet pilot training needs of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). More than 100 aircraft have been built and delivered to the ROKAF. A second variant is currently in production called the FA-50 light combat aircraft.

From the beginning, the T-50 was envisioned to be exported to other countries. In 2011, this vision became a reality when Indonesia ordered sixteen aircraft, called the T-50i. All the Indonesian aircraft have been delivered.

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As the leader in 5th Generation development, Lockheed Martin, in partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries, brings the experience and leadership to support the next generation of pilots.
Seamless Transition into 5th Generation Fighters
The T-50 is easy to fly—similar to the F-16, F-22, and F-35—which helps avoid negative training and unnecessary sorties. The T-50 creates better pilots, in less time, for less cost by enabling student pilots to focus their airmanship skills on improved aero performance, digital flight controls/fly-by-wire, with NextGen air traffic management systems, while operating from an anthropometrically designed 5th Generation cockpit.
Downloading / Offloading for Cost-Effectiveness
The ROKAF’s training experience has shown that the new training system yields a better fighter pilot in less time with fewer sorties and lower cost. The T-50 training program has reduced the number of required flights in the KF-16 to only nine sorties. The Ground-Based Training System contains an array of innovative technologies to provide options for “offloading” aircraft training tasks into the simulation environment.
Built-In Mission Flexibility
The T-50 aircraft configuration is based on South Korea’s FA-50, which is currently in production. The FA-50, the most advanced version of the T-50, incorporates air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, along with an avionics suite that contains an electronic warfare suite, a multi-mode radar and an advanced data-link.

Ground-Based Training System (GBTS)
Proven. Lockheed Martin’s T-50 ground-based training system applies lessons learned from decades of training with leading-edge technologies.
Low Risk. The GBTS delivers immersive, synchronized ground-based training systems that maximize training effectiveness and reduce costs.
Ready for Next Gen.
The agile T-50 ground-based training system is focused on training the next generation of pilots to command next-generation aircraft.

Integrated Logistics Support – and a Growing, Global Support Initiative
The T-50 team brings together extensive experience in world-class, worldwide logistics support of its products. Korea Aerospace Industries, Lockheed Martin, General Electric and an international supplier network stand ready to provide all aspects of support for the T-50 training system. Support includes logistics planning, site surveys, base- and depot-level repair shops, spares provisioning and replenishment, support equipment, electronic technical manuals and portable maintenance readers. It also includes technical services, logistics management and future upgrade programs, plus maintenance technician training and training equipment. The result: Individual customer needs are readily accommodated. Lockheed Martin logistics and sustainment solutions deliver performance reliability and support the full life cycle of our customers’ platforms and products, ensuring relevant capabilities and mission excellence at the lowest total cost.

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