Quality Appendices

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Current Version Description / Archives
Appendix QC Rev. B
(PDF, 9.3 KB)

Seller Quality Requirements (Standard Terms and Conditions)

Appendix QI Rev. Original Intra-Lockheed Martin Work Transfer Agreement (IWTA) Quality Requirements for Deliverable Items

Appendix QJ Rev. 7
(PDF, 61.3 KB)
Addendum to Appendix QJ Rev. Original
(PDF, 27 KB)

Seller Quality Requirements
(QCS-001 Processing Sources / Directory)
Rev. D, 03-19-2001
Rev. E, 07-09-2003
Rev. 6. 10-04-2004
Rev. 7, 02-15-2006

Appendix QX Rev. 7


Supplier Alert

Seller Quality Requirements
Rev. 6. 3-18-2010
Rev. 5. 12-02-2008
Rev. 4. 04-04-2007
Rev. 3. 02-15-2006
Rev. 2. 09-25-2003

Appendix QX Revision Log

Appendix QTC

Basic Buyer Terms and Conditions such as Appendix A. Buyer Terms and Conditions are located on Buyer's Material Management Website under Terms and Conditions, then Appendices. Reference the applicable Appendix/Appendices imposed on Buyer's PO.


Superseded/Cancelled Documents


Appendix QA Seller Quality Requirements – Superseded in its entirety by Appendix QX - latest revision  (QCS-320 Flow Down – Superseded in its entirety by Appendix QX – latest revision)

Appendix QR
(PDF, 48.7 KB)

Seller Quality Program Requirements
Appendix QR Changes
Rev. C (04-09-01)
Rev. 4 (04-01-04)
Rev. 5 (07-15-04)
Rev. 6 (11-11-04)
Rev. 7, 02-15-2006

Appendix QT Seller Tooling Quality Program Requirements – Superseded in its entirety by Appendix QX – latest revision
Appendix QX Seller Quality Requirements (Valid only for F-35 JSF contracts released prior to September 25, 2003) Revision A, May 2002  delete completely – Cancelled effective 1-8-2007