Sikorsky Australia

Sikorsky Australia
November 10, 2021

Sikorsky Australia, a Lockheed Martin company, is committed to enabling a resilient Australian sovereign defence capability by delivering cost-effective, advanced capability while maximising Australian Industry Capability.

As part of the LMA team, Sikorsky Australia in partnership with the RAN’s Fleet Air Arm will continue to proudly work hand-in-hand to provide comprehensive through-life sustainment support to the MH-60R fleet when on base and on deployment. This includes maintenance, training, warehousing, supply support system and test equipment services.

Our 185-strong Sikorsky Australia team in Nowra has truly proven its worth as the sustainment partner of choice to the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm and is an exemplar of Australian industry capability in action. Our training programs nurture local talent in the Shoalhaven region by providing opportunities to develop advanced skills in aircraft maintenance.

The recent $10 million maintenance contract expansion to Sikorsky Australia has created exciting long-term job opportunities for people in the Shoalhaven region of NSW. Apprentice Beau Buckpitt is in the early stages of his apprenticeship working on the MH-60R helicopters.

Beau grew up in the Shoalhaven region beside the beach surfing each day with his family, and after finishing year 12 he joined Sikorsky Australia as an apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer. 

“As an apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer, I come to work each day knowing that I am well supported to learn new skills whilst working on the Royal Australian Navy’s MH-60R fleet.”

As part of his development Beau is mentored by Stephen O’Connor, furthering his learning in terms of technical information and aircraft experience.

Early in his career Stephen built his significant experience working as a light and heavy vehicle mechanic, plant mechanic and taught Mechanics at TAFE for 15 years. His desire to work in the aviation industry led him to Sikorsky Australia where he joined as a ground support technician and was then provided the opportunity to transition to AME with an apprenticeship and RPL. 

Regarding the opportunity to improve his skill base Stephen says, “I have continued to advance my skills through re-training and upskilling whilst at Sikorsky Australia and dedicate time each day to mentor others.”