Lockheed Martin developed an iPhone and iPad application to help customers, engineers, architects, students and academia understand elements associated with communications satellite architectures. The goal of the app is to provide a first order assessment of possible constellation architectures by adjusting fundamental factors like orbit altitude, satellite life and duration of full service.

The app allows the user to explore new concepts, test theories and trade key performance parameters against the mission and business case. We have no bias toward any solution for the ever-growing communications mission demand, or how best to address the dynamic environment, but seek to understand the solutions and trades so we can better respond to these market needs.

Lockheed Martin offers this tool to the broader space engineering community, and to the public, as our contribution to help develop an understanding of the issues and challenges and learn together. 

Lockheed Martin IQ: Constellations

Check out the replay of our latest webinar featuring the new Constellations app. Erik Daehler, Director of Strategic Communications Architectures at Lockheed Martin Space moderates a panel discussion with the following industry colleagues:

  • Brig. Gen. Mark Baird (USAF, Ret.) – Principal Director of Strategic Integration at Lockheed Martin Space and former Deputy Director of Space Force Planning
  • Don Brown – General Manager of Government Services at Telesat
  • Mark Visco – Director of Digital Mission Engineering at AGI

The app allows users to simply and quickly visualize a globe-spanning network of satellites and shows how changing one parameter - like the orbital altitude - impacts others such as the number of satellites or ground stations needed.