RF and Radar Payload Center of Excellence

"The world depends on RF communications to drive commerce, connect people and strengthen global security. The RF and Radar Payload Center of Excellence brings together an innovative team with 50 years of experience to drive down costs and research new technologies. We are engineering a better tomorrow for the future of RF payloads."

~Thomas Malko, vice president of Technology & Innovation

The RF and Radar Payload Center of Excellence reduces cost and accelerates development by uniting researchers, manufacturers and analysts into one organization. Bringing people together improves schedule, reduces transportation costs and enhances collaboration between related teams.

You may not know it, but every satellite in orbit uses one or more RF subsystems, either to communicate with people or to each other. These subsystems can be broken into four categories, each with leading Lockheed Martin experts driving their progress. We tailor these categories to fit our customers’ mission needs with scalable performance and capability. We also back up our systems designs with common functional elements—like antennas, amplifiers, receivers, etc.—ensuring our payloads are dependable and affordable across the fleet.

The Digital Difference

Our center in Denver co-locates development, production and testing in one site. Using the Digital Tapestry, we can seamlessly use the same digital information from development, production, test and ultimately sustainment. This maximizes our use of common products and economies of scale across mission areas for affordable, agile and innovative solutions.  

The RF and Radar Payload Center of Excellence is re-inventing RF payload production through advanced technologies and streamlined manufacturing. Our Digital Tapestry interweaves model-based design, analysis, fabrication with 3-D printing, and automated assembly, test and inspection to cut cost and cycle times for payload hardware.

Experience Working For You

While this Center of Excellence is new, our experience isn’t. Lockheed Martin has over 50 years of heritage in payload design, manufacturing, delivery and successful operations. Our deep mission understanding and broad knowledge of solutions enable us to better collaborate with customers for new options. 

The RF and Radar Payload Center of Excellence is also a broad network that brings together experts in RF payload systems, advanced technology research, industry partnerships and research institutions across engineering and manufacturing.


Mark Lewis, Media and Press Inquiries: (408) 742-3516

Jim Buckley, Director, RF and Radar Payload Center of Excellence, james.buckley@lmco.com