The Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program (AMTAP) is a gateway to an exciting career in space manufacturing. No degree? No problem. This program is designed for people without related experience or needing a four-year degree. No matter where you are in your life or career, AMTAP can help you launch a career in Space and start you on a new path with competitive salary and opportunities for growth and advancement at the most admired aerospace and defense company in the industry.

Hands on
A lot of the things that I went through was things that I never experienced in life: having people to care about you, knowing your superiors want you to succeed and making sure that they’re going to provide you every opportunity for you to succeed
AMTAP Graduate

Our Lockheed Martin instructors will teach you all that you need to know to become an electronics technician. During the up-front training participants will earn nationally recognized certifications in solder and cable harnessing while also learning skills in conformal coating, torquing, and other manufacturing skill areas.


AMTAP has three locations. Please choose the location closest to you to learn more.

When Can I Start?


AMTAP has cohorts starting at various times throughout the year at our sites in Colorado, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. Each location's program differs so be sure to read the FAQ sheets for each location’s specifics. Program dates and applications deadlines are featured on each location's site. Check back often for program updates, application dates and links, and links to attend one of our virtual informational sessions where you can learn in more details about the program, the application process and have your questions answered.

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