Lockheed Martin Selected to Develop New Hypersonic Defense Capability

Image above courtesy of U.S. Navy

The Missile Defense Agency awarded Lockheed Martin a $20.9 million contract to begin developing a concept design for the Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI), a defense program meant to defeat hypersonic missiles that travel five times the speed of sound.

“GPI leverages our proven success in developing and fielding the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, weapon system. This, combined with our Aegis weapon system expertise and knowledge, affords us the unique capability to support the hypersonic threat defense for MDA,” said Julie Pecson, program director of the Glide Phase Interceptor program at Lockheed Martin. “We are excited to partner with MDA on this critical mission, as our digital engineering foundation enables us to go-fast while retaining our systems engineering rigor.”

In its announcement, the MDA shared that interceptors will be fired from Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense destroyers using the standard Vertical Launch System and will also integrate with the modified Baseline 9 Aegis Weapon System to detect, track, control, and engage hypersonic threats in the glide phase of the missile’s flight.

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