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Strength To Go The Distance

Exoskeleton technologies can bring new capabilities to fighting forces and improve endurance and safety in industrial settings. Lockheed Martin continues refinement of next-generation industrial products with our primary focus on powered exoskeletons. Lockheed Martin’s new powered lower-body exoskeleton, ONYX, has demonstrated its ability to increase mobility and reduce fatigue of its users. By reducing the effort in walking and climbing, this technology can literally help soldiers and first responders go the extra mile while carrying mission-essential equipment.

Read what the University of Michigan determined in their 2017 study

“Despite the variation in cost of transport difference between participants, the knee-exoskeleton consistently decreased the cost of transport of walking up an incline with a load.” 

ONYX conforms to the human body. Sensors distributed on the exoskeleton report speed, direction, and angle of movement to an on-board computer that drives electro-mechanical actuators at the knees. The exoskeleton delivers the right torque at the right time to assist knee flexion and extension. ONYX ultimately reduces the energy needed to cross terrain, squat, or kneel. These benefits are most noticeable when ascending or descending stairs or navigating inclined surfaces.


Key Features

ONYX has been designed to provide strength and endurance to the soldiers, workers, and first responders who must perform strenuous tasks in difficult environments:

• Enhances strength and endurance to carry taxing loads over distance

• Enables better handling and support for heavy weapons

• Reduces metabolic cost of transport to improve endurance and reduce fatigue

• Increases ability to traverse stairs, inclines, and rough terrain, especially with load

• Reduces stress on leg muscles

• Guides orthopedic alignment to help evenly distribute weight and maintain skeletal system alignment to avoid overstress and pressure injuries.


ONYX™ boosts leg capacity for physically demanding tasks such as lifting or dragging heavy loads, walking with load, or walking up or down hills.
Among other benefits ONYX enforces orthopedic alignment to help evenly distribute weight and avoid skeletal overstress and pressure injuries.

ONYX are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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