The Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program will shape the United States military’s helicopter fleet of the future. Led by the U.S. Army, FVL will replace aging helicopters across the DoD services through a family of five different categories, or capability sets. FVL is truly a turning point in the next generation rotorcraft — and Lockheed Martin is ready to help lead the way. 

“We have not in the vertical lift arena put a newly designed aircraft on the street in four decades. From an industry perspective and the government side as well, the competencies and the tools that are required to design a new aircraft had atrophied significantly.” ~ Dan Bailey, Program Director, Joint Multi-Role/Future Vertical Lift, AMRDEC, U.S. Army

The X2™ Advantage

X2 Technology™ is the foundation for Lockheed Martin’s support to Future Vertical Lift with its air vehicle and systems design.

Sikorsky has invested in — and proven — X2 Technology™ to illustrate its commitment to developing future capabilities that are achievable and affordable for both military and commercial organizations.

X2 Technology™ Demonstrators

The Technology Demonstrators are being developed to maximize the knowledge gain and risk reduction toward an anticipated Future Vertical Lift acquisition program. Sikorsky is developing demonstrators for the light and medium size requirements. A Sikorsky-Boeing team is jointly producing the SB>1 Defiant™ medium size helicopter.


The S-97 RAIDER® helicopter is able to fly 276 miles per hour, nearly double the speed of an average helicopter. RAIDER is part of the X2 family – a next-generation light tactical prototype helicopter capable of carrying six troops and external weapons.


The SB>1 DEFIANT™ Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR TD) helicopter is Sikorsky’s third X2 aircraft in less than 10 years. It is being designed and built by Sikorsky and Boeing and will prove the scalability of the X2 design to a 30,000-lb. class weight.


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Engineering the Future of Vertical Lift

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