TAISR is a mission management solution that automates and streamlines workflows for intelligence organizations. TAISR increases operational efficiency by processing more data in less time, optimizing personnel and resources to generate actionable intelligence.

TAISR’s task management engine combines flexible workflows and automation to sensibly manage the deluge of ingested data. TAISR auto-correlates arriving data to existing operational needs to automatically create and assign prioritized tasks to the analysts.

TAISR integrates with leading external COTS and FOSS ISR tools for a low-cost, unified and comprehensive solution.

How TAISR Works 


Organizations are faced with massive increases in source data; the volume of intelligence information available is increasing exponentially.  The quantity of sensors and sources, including commercial satellites, traditional aircraft, UAVs, and aerostats are rising each year.

Not only are the number of sensors increasing, but their visual quality (i.e., resolution) is also growing.  Higher resolution imagery sensors as well as High Definition (HD) and persistent surveillance video results in significant increases in both file size and intelligence content.

The resultant data deluge makes it mandatory to increase processing efficiency.


A flexible, scalable solution is needed that supports existing array of COTS exploitation applications. 

  • Process automation

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Open and scalable, web services-based architecture

  • Arriving imagery and video automatically correlated to need

  • Plug-and-play architecture with leading library and exploitation applications

  • Integrated reporting and metrics

  • Fully integrated visualization solution

  • Target database support

  • Subscription services providing automated notification to status changes


TAISR provides an end-to-end web-services based mission management solution that simplifies and organizes ISR processes

Additional features:

  • Automatically scans arriving imagery and video for applicability to Open Intelligence requirements

  • Generates a prioritized task list for each analyst

  • Integrates and automates leading exploitation, library and visualization COTS and FOSS Applications 
    • Socet GXP, RemoteView Pro, VLC, GeoFlix, FFMPEG, GXP Xplorer, GeoCatalog, Cesium

  • Supports all significant commercial and USG intel satellites

  • Federates query of all system content (i.e., imagery, video, targets, documents, reports, audio files, keyword content)

  • Provides subscription service allowing immediate notification of new intel reports and information

  • Supports space, air and ground collection requests

  • Automated tasking of analysts, streamlines operations and reduces new analyst training

  • Scalable to allow unparalleled increases in data volume

  • Virtualized & cloud-ready

  • Optional “Knowledgeworks” ground station control components provides unparalleled integration of Satellite Tasking with Intel Center Operations

  • TAISR supports BAE GXP Xplorer, iSToRE and SOCET GXP; Overwatch GeoCatalog and RemoteView PRO; Microsoft Office; LibreOffice; and the Cesium visualization suite. 

  • Simple adaptors allows interoperability with a host of other popular COTS tools.

Additional Information 

Chris Pettigrew
(303) 932 5252