What is Verge

Verge is a turn-key, cloud-based service for satellite ground control that delivers data your way, when you need it. Verge is driving down the cost of space by using a network of low-cost receivers combined with the computing and storage power of Amazon Web Services Ground Station

Our customers downlink more data with better frequency without building an expensive ground network.

Three Reasons Why Verge is Different

  • Verge antenna can capture multiple streams of satellite data simultaneously
  • Scarce satellite spectrum can be managed more efficiently because it can be reused
  • Each Verge antenna costs under $20,000 and uses common, readily-available parts (COTS hardware). A typical ground antenna can cost upwards of $1-million, excluding maintenance costs

How It Works 

  • Verge uses cellular-like, terrestrial communication architecture and moves the bulk of the processing from the specialty RF.
  • Cloud infrastructure allows Verge to quickly process and store large amounts of data.


Chris Pettigrew
Lockheed Martin Space