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Welcome to the Lockheed Martin SAP Fieldglass webpage. This page will provide you with up to date communications, training resources, and other helpful information.


Lockheed Martin’s enterprise-wide implementation of the Lockheed Martin Procure-to-Pay (LMP2P) suite of systems enables organizations to access Lockheed Martin’s eBusiness functions through the Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG). The current Vendor Invoice Processor (VIP) tool will be replaced by the Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) SAP Fieldglass solution.

Who will be transitioning from VIP to SAP Fieldglass?

All current VIP users will be transitioning from VIP to SAPFieldglass by mid-year 2020.

Why are we transitioning from VIP to SAP Fieldglass?

SAP Fieldglass will offer a modern, newly designed and intuitive user interface and experience. SAP Fieldglass has streamlined the end to end process and incorporates state of the art reporting tools. SAP Fieldglass has a scalable design that can accommodate future growth or program changes.

When will I be transitioning to SAP Fieldglass?

The transition from VIP to SAP Fieldglass will take place in Q2 2020.

How will I be prepared to transition to SAP Fieldglass?

Prior to the transition to SAP Fieldglass from VIP, all users will receive Internet Based Training (IBT) though webcasts, and online tools and resources to ensure all users experience a successful transition.

How will I stay informed?

Communications from the project team will be distributed on a scheduled cadence to update users on the project status, and next steps.

It is recommended to frequently check this Lockheed Martin web page to see updates and sneak peeks of the system. You can also check with your leadership for any updates or further information.

Training Resources

This section will provide you with Internet Based Training (IBT's) lessons designed to enhance your understanding of the SAP Fieldglass system.

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