Lockheed Martin ranks number two on Women Engineer’s 2020 Top 50 Employers list

Lockheed Martin ranks number two on Women Engineer’s 2020 Top 50 Employers list
June 08, 2020

For a second consecutive year, Lockheed Martin ranks number two on Woman Engineer magazine’s annual “Top 50 Employers” list. 

Women Engineer Mag

Woman Engineer magazine randomly selected 800 readers to participate in the survey, which ranks companies that provide a positive environment for female engineers. Woman Engineer is the most widely read recruitment magazine for women engineers in the nation.

“Building a culture of respect and inclusion – where all employees can feel comfortable contributing their best work – is one of our top priorities at Lockheed Martin.” said Greg Karol, senior vice president of Human Resources at Lockheed Martin. “We are proud of this award as a Top 50 Employer of Woman Engineer and it speaks to the impact our business resource groups, like the Women’s Impact Network and others, are making to create a positive environment for female engineers.” 

At Lockheed Martin, inclusion drives success. Diverse backgrounds, experiences and points of view help the corporation create and deliver incredible work for its customers. Lockheed Martin has a long track record of supporting women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. To learn more about what Lockheed Martin values when it comes to Global Diversity and Inclusion, download this year’s Annual Report
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“Employers who make the annual Top 50 Employer list clearly understand that hiring a diversified engineering workforce and fostering an inclusive environment strengthens their business, and helps them to push innovation," said Tamara Flaum-Dreyfuss, Equal Opportunity Publications (EOP), Inc. president and Woman Engineer magazine publisher. "We are pleased to see Lockheed Martin named to the list for 2020 for their unwavering commitment to recruiting and promoting women throughout their global security and aerospace business. Our readers recognize that tenets of diversity and inclusion are the foundation of the Lockheed Martin business."

Let’s celebrate the female engineers that make Lockheed Martin better every day. 

Nikki is a Program Manager for the F-35 Fighter Jet Production Business Unit. She helps ensure the aircraft in production have all the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources parts needed to ensure timely delivery and sustainment of the jets.

“I really enjoy my work because I am constantly learning, and I am able to directly support our domestic and international customers’ missions,” says Nikki. “Over the course of my career at Lockheed Martin, whether I have been interfacing directly with a customer or supporting weapons integration systems for the F-35, I have always known that I am making a difference.”

Nikki discovered her passion for STEM in middle school. One of her biggest inspirations and ‘sheroes’ is Dr. Mae Jemison. Nikki admired her being an engineer and the first African American female to travel in Space.

“When I think about my younger self, I constantly am reminded of my role to inspire and encourage the next generation of engineers. I ask myself, ‘What can I do to make sure that I am representing women and minorities well so people can know that women can excel in the field of engineering.’”

Nikki: F-35 Production Program Manager

F-35 Engineer

Renee: Lockheed Martin Space Electrical Engineering Project Manager 

Lockheed Martin Space Engineer

Renee is an electrical engineering project manager at Lockheed Martin Space. She leads a team of engineers who design electrical spacecraft components for NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

“Every day at work is different from the day before,” Renee says. “My job is to literally make history by helping send the first woman to the Moon’s surface and to develop the most innovative defense technologies of our time.”

Renee has a master’s degree in systems engineering from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Penn State University. She chose to work at Lockheed Martin because it provides many opportunities for growth.

“I am beyond proud to be a woman in engineering and leadership,” Renee says. “My passion is to mentor and empower other women to pursue STEM fields because in order to solve the hardest problems, like ‘rocket science,’ we must have a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Laura is a mechanical engineer supporting the manufacturing of Missiles and Fire Control products in Camden, Arkansas. She completed a mechanical engineering internship with Camden Operations during the summer of 2017 and graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a math minor.

“I’m honored to be a part of a company that ignores traditional gender roles and provides opportunities for women like myself to find our place in the defense industry,” Laura says. “Lockheed Martin acknowledges a person’s ability to excel in the workplace regardless of gender. I’ve experienced nothing less than overwhelming support and based on the job responsibilities that I’ve been given; I feel my co-workers and superiors trust wholeheartedly in my capabilities.”

Laura: MFC Mechanical Engineer 

MFC Mechanical Engineer

Shar: Industrial Engineering Associate Manager

Industrial Engineering Associate Manager


Shar is an industrial engineering associate manager at Lockheed Martin. The women closest to her are a constant source of inspiration. Shar’s grandmother has worked the same job at the same company for nearly 60 years. Her mother encouraged her to study engineering during her freshman year of college, which led Shar to a career in industrial engineering.

“As a woman, this challenged me to find my voice – and my seat – at the table,” Shar says. “I recognize that my success is now tied to the development of my employees – a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I’m challenging myself to create opportunities for those I support, because at the end of the day, I’m preparing the next generation for a career in STEM.”

Danielle is the NextSTEP Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Space. Her job is to figure out how astronauts are going to live and work on the Moon and on their way to Mars.

“I’m hoping to be part of the mission that puts the first woman on the Moon and sends the first humans to Mars,” she says. “Another part of my job is looking at rovers and landers and how they fit into the bigger picture of human space exploration.”

Danielle has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She chose to work at Lockheed Martin because it offers a large diversity of opportunities.

“I can work on F-35s in Texas, one of the national cyber centers in the D.C. area, or on deep space human exploration missions in Colorado,” Danielle says. “I’m lucky to be part of a company that has women in many different roles, from our CEO to our VP to my manager.”

Danielle: NextSTEP Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Space

NextSTEP Program Manager

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