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What does Lockheed Martin look for in a supplier?

Lockheed Martin looks for suppliers with complimentary commodities, as identified in the what we buy listing, and proven experience, with a strong and stable history of delivering on their contracts, and strong financial position.

Lockheed Martin has more new opportunities for services from suppliers with expertise in specific areas rather than from generalists. Let us know your niche area of expertise in your marketing information.

Lockheed Martin looks for technical innovators and emerging technology opportunities and participates in the SBIR/STTR Federal Program.


What is the significance of being a franchised or authorized distributor?

Lockheed Martin Corporation is very risk averse, and seeks guarantee that all components purchased are exactly as specified. We have therefore chosen to use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and franchised or authorized distributors whenever possible. Opportunities do not exist in all areas at all times. Lockheed Martin relies heavily on long-term corporate agreements or site agreements to meet ongoing needs. Windows of opportunity might be on an annual basis or as far out as ten years.


How can I identify opportunities within Lockheed Martin Corporation?

Opportunities do not exist in all areas at all times. Lockheed Martin relies heavily on long-term corporate agreements or site agreements to meet ongoing needs. Windows of opportunity might be on an annual basis or as far out as ten years.

Most opportunities will be by invitation to participate in a competitive bid. Submit your company’s marketing information in the Supplier Marketing Portal.


How can I be selected for inclusion in a competition leading to a corporate agreement?

Corporate agreements are used by Lockheed Martin for commodity goods or services that are required at multiple locations. Suppliers must be invited to participate in a competition leading to a corporate agreement. Check out the corporate agreement listing. Send questions about corporate agreements here.  


A new government contract was just awarded to Lockheed Martin. How can I learn about opportunities associated with that contract?

Lockheed Martin anticipates subcontracting requirements as part of the contract bid process. Therefore,new contract awards will turn on work from companies who supported the bid process in partnership with Lockheed Martin, as planned with the schedule for the contract.

There is no unique supplier process for new contract awards. Market your company by entering your company marketing information.


Once I submit my company’s marketing information, how long is my information kept on file?

Supplier marketing information is kept in our database for approximately five years if it is complete. Records that are incomplete or found to have out-of-date contact information will be deleted after approximately a year or when the inaccurate contact information is identified.


How may I talk with someone about my unique product or service offering?

Send us a message here, describing your capabilities and requesting a teleconference. The request will be shared with a subject matter expert, and a call will be scheduled if there is a need for the goods or services in the foreseeable future.


How can I contact buyers across Lockheed Martin Corporation?

Submit your company marketing information online. This information will be made available to all buyers, and specific information on your capabilities will be sent to those employees who have requested information on suppliers in your specific area of focus.

Buyers may support multiple sites, and may not be on-site at the facility that they support. Seeking to contact buyers at a specific facility might not put you in contact with the buyers who would use your services. In your company information, share information on geographic coverage or contract interest, so that your company information will be referred appropriately.

Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLO) are often more accessible for conversation. Request a conversation with an SBLO to discuss opportunities here.  


How can I share a new technology or invention with Lockheed Martin’s engineers or program managers?

Lockheed Martin is eager to learn about innovations. Send high level non-proprietary descriptive information in the body of an e-mail message here.

If you are inquiring about partnering on a SBIR/STTR project, visit the SBIR/STTR section under the supplier dviersity web page and complete the form there. This will be forwarded to a subject matter expert for review. You should receive a response within 30 days.  


My e-mail message containing a statement stating that the information might be confidential or proprietary was rejected. Why is this footer an issue?

Lockheed Martin does not wish to receive unsolicited information that is or might be proprietary or confidential.

Do not send information that is proprietary or confidential to Lockheed Martin employees without having a Proprietary Information Agreement in place.

Do not send correspondence with the notation that it is or might be confidential or proprietary to Lockheed Martin employees.


Why am I discouraged from sending attachments with e-mail messages?

Our security system routinely filters messages with attachments. Our e-mail system will not search for key words in attachments. Few employees read attachments. We prefer to have an “elevator speech” summary of capabilities in the body of an e-mail message.

Send small size attachments if necessary, but re-send your message without attachment if you do not receive a response within five working days.


I want to partner with Lockheed Martin in support of a business opportunity that is aligned with Lockheed Martin business offerings. How should I present my request?

Send summary information on the specific business opportunity to Lockheed Martin by e-mail to here.  


Are there special instructions or opportunities for U.S. small business suppliers?

Lockheed Martin has a history of strong support for all types of diverse suppliers, including but not limited to those in categories of Small, Small Disadvantaged, Women Owned, HUBZone, Veteran Owned, and Service Disabled Veteran Owned businesses. Clearly state your size and status in your online submission of your company marketing information.

If you are not sure of your company’s size and status, research the SBA government web site, and the government’s System for Award Management (SAM).

Lockheed Martin is not a government agency, and has no requirements for 8(a) program participation. Instead, we recognize Small Disadvantaged Business status, that encompasses 8(a) program participants, but is beyond that group. 

Lockheed Martin has no “set aside” opportunities where funding is tied to small business status. For competitive procurements, buyers are encouraged to invite suppliers to participate with at least one supplier in each category of Small, Small Disadvantaged Business, Women Owned, HUBZone, Veteran Owned, and Service Disabled Veteran Owned.

All categories of status may be self-certified except for HUBZone, which is certified by the Small Business Administration. Third party certification is not recognized for government contracting purposes.

Lockheed Martin appreciates the challenges of business owners who are part of a minority group, but minority status by itself is not reportable for government contract purposes. Minority owned businesses are encouraged to research whether their minority and financial status would categorize them as a small disadvantaged business.


Are there open opportunities to meet with Lockheed Martin employees in the Supply Chain or Supplier Diversity functions?

Yes, Lockheed Martin employees attend company sponsored and commercial events routinely. A list of events at which our employees will participate is posted online under events calendar under the supplier diversity page.  

Participation at company sponsored events is by invitation only, and is usually limited to suppliers in target groups. Your company marketing information in our database will be considered when we search for specific niche capabilities.


I understand that Lockheed Martin mentors small businesses. How can I enter into a relationship to have Lockheed Martin mentor my company?

Lockheed Martin supports both formal and informal mentoring relationships.

Formal mentoring is done under a Mentor Protégé contract tied to a government contract. Suppliers interested in this program should have a strong history of working with Lockheed Martin in supporting government contracts. Contact your program manager on current programs to inquire about future opportunities and visit the mentor protégé section for additional information.

Informal mentoring consists of ongoing feedback to suppliers providing services to Lockheed Martin Business Units. As you work with Lockheed Martin employees, inquire about opportunities for improvement or growth.


What is the best way for a current Lockheed Martin supplier to market their services to other business areas?

Suppliers having experience with Lockheed Martin are encouraged to market their services to other business areas. We encourage you to add your marketing information to our database of supplier marketing information to make it available to all employees.

Request support from small business advocates by email here.