Code Quest 2015

Looking for Code Quest Problems?

This spring, Lockheed Martin is launching Code Quest® Academy, a free computer coding and career exposure program for high school students. This unique program helps students of all skill levels grow their coding knowledge through interactive problems and inspires students to pursue technology careers through mentorship from real-life Lockheed Martin professionals.

Bookmark this and check it out early 2021.

Site Winners

Fort Worth


1st – Plano West Senior High School, “Plano West”

2nd – Paschal High School, “LittleBits”     

3rd – Plano Senior High School, “Snails”


1st- Coppell High School, “Triple S Team”       

2nd- Plano East Senior High School, “Coding with Class”     

3rd – McKinney High School, “MHS2”



1st – Battlefield High School, “iLite Betaware2”     

2nd – Battlefield High School, “iLite Betaware”

3rd – Forest Park High School, “Java Bruins 1”


1st- Governor’s School at Innovation Park, “Guvnas”

2nd – Forest Park High School, “Java Bruins”

3rd- Wheaton High School, “CyberKnights”



1ST – Coral Gables High School, “The Meme Team 2015”

2nd – Timber Creek High School, “Purple Wolves”

3rd – Doral Academy, Firebirds #1


1st- Timber Creek High School, “Silver Wolves”

2nd – West Shores Jr. Sr. High School, “Code Cats”

3rd – Winter Springs High School, “The Lucky 3”



1st- Houston County High School, “Houston Ursa Major”

2nd – Brookwood High School, “Brookwood it Compiles”

3rd – Walton High School, “Walton A-WASP”


1st- Walton High School, “Walton N-WASP”

2nd – Woodstock High School, “Woodstock Wolverines II”

3rd – Collins Hill High School, “Collins Hill Mad Talons”



1st – Troy High School, “Spherical Cows”

2nd – Saint Francis High School, “Lord of the Strings”

3rd – Bellarmine College Prep, “Bellarmine”


1st – Troy High School, “Young Warriors”

2nd – Castilleja School, “//no comment”

3rd – Cupertino High School, “Orange.wreck()”



1st- Vestal High School, “X-Country Champs”

2nd – John Baptist Memorial High School, “Segmentation fault (Code Dump)”

3rd Webster Thomas High School, “The Superclasses”


1st – Union Endicott, “Union Endicott-1”

2nd – Corning Painted- Post, “Corning Painted-Post”

3rd – Webster Thomas High School, “The Faganators”



1st – Colorado Academy, “Java Mustangs”

2nd – Rock Canyon High School, “Canyon Coders”

3rd – Overland High School, “Overland”


1st – Heritage High School, “Eagles”

2nd – Warren Tech, “Warren Tech PM”

3rd- Littleton High School, “Coding Lion”

Code Quest 2021

Code Quest will take place virtually on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

2021 locations:

Aguadilla, PR
Ampthill, UK (Combined U.K. Event)
Arlington, VA (Combined WMA Event)
Australia/Singapore (Combined APAC Event)
Bethesda, MD (Combined WMA Event)
Dallas (Grand Prairie), TX (Combined DFW Event)
Denver/Colorado Springs, CO (Combined Event)
Fort Worth, TX (Combined DFW Event)
Greenville, SC (Combined Unaffiliated Virtual U.S. Event)
Hanover, MD (Combined WMA Event)
Houston (Clear Lake), TX
Huntsville, AL (Combined Unaffiliated Virtual U.S. Event)
King of Prussia, PA
Marietta, GA
Mielec, PL 
Moorestown, NJ
Orlando, FL
Owego, NY (Combined Unaffiliated Virtual U.S. Event)
Palmdale, CA (Combined CA Event)
Stratford, CT
Sunnyvale, CA (Combined CA Event)
Whiteley, UK (Combined U.K. Event)

Contact Code Quest:
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please email Code Quest at