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Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies is a leader in developing and producing world-class avionics and payload technologies used in numerous small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Products include advanced Kestral Autopilot flight systems, OnPoint Vision Systems for target tracking, stabilization, geo-location and terminal guidance applications, Preceptor Imaging systems, Indago VTOL Quad Rotor and other avionics for small UASs.

Featured Products

Indago UAS

Indago UAS

Features an extended hover, perch and stare capability that provides aerial reconnaissance in crowded areas unreachable by fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems

Perceptor Dual Sensor Gimbal

Perceptor Dual Sensor Gimbal

Small, lightweight and waterproof gimbal provides high precision pointing accuracies using onboard EO and IR imagers with an optional laser illuminator.

Kestrel Flight Systems Autopilot

Kestrel Flight Systems & Autopilot

Integrates all flight sensors, communication and payload interfaces into a neat, elegant package.

Onpoint Vision Systems

OnPoint Vision Systems

The compact, highly capable Lockheed Martin Procerus OnPoint OnBoard vision processing unit (VPU) captures video and still imagery from digital image sensors.


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Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

Technology is transforming how humans and machines work together. That’s why Lockheed Martin is investing in the development of optionally-manned and unmanned systems that serve as a capability multiplier. Because we recognize that the question isn’t just about who’s the best person for the job—it’s about what’s the best team for the mission.

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