About RMS Procurement

Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) portfolio features more than 1,000 programs, including helicopters, integrated air and missile defense, littoral warfare, undersea warfare, radar, electronic warfare, cyber solutions, C4ISR, and training and logistics systems. The business area supports the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy and Missile Defense Agency, as well as intelligence, civil, commercial and international military customers.



Accounts Payable

FASI-G Purchase Order Guidance

Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO)

  • Sheila Oechslin - Ship & Aviation Systems (SAS) : Procurement Information 
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Transportation Routing Guides


Country of Origin Guidelines

Guidelines for Lockheed Martin RMS suppliers on how to comply and certify to the Country of Origin Requirement for all product delivered and how to complete the NAFTA Country of Origin Certification Form for NAFTA originating product (An example NAFTA Certificate of Origin is located at Exhibit A to this document, but a user friendly electronic version can be found here.

Sikorsky recognizes the value of diverse supply chain and we are committed to integrating and leveraging supplier diversity. We relentlessly pursue competitive and innovative minority business enterprise, women owned business enterprise and small businesses, including: veteran owned, service-disabled veteran owned, disadvantaged, women owned and HUBZone. If you represent a diverse business and have a strong value proposition, we would like to hear from you.

Engineering Changes

Engineering Change Submission Questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended to standardize and streamline the process by which suppliers and Sikorsky can make changes to products.

Please contact the Sikorsky purchasing department if additional information is required.

Engineering change submission documentation:


Engineering Change Proposal

Process an Engineering Change Proposal being submitted to Sikorsky Aircraft.

Open and read the questionnaire above. If any of the questions can be answered "YES", then click the YES button at the bottom of the page. If none of the questions can be answered "YES", then click the "NO" button. 

Choose the proper Sikorsky Aircraft form by clicking on either the “YES” or “NO” button below. Fill out the Sikorsky Aircraft form that appears when you click on the “YES” or “NO” button (directions are contained within the questionnaire if needed.)

Save a copy of the filled out Sikorsky Aircraft form and submit your request using the button below.


Standardize and streamline the process by which suppliers and Sikorsky can make changes to manufacturing processes.

Contact the Sikorsky purchasing department if additional information is required.

Request for Deviation/Waiver

No supplier shall make any manufacturing process changes without first submitting a process change proposal and receiving Sikorsky approval to proceed with the proposed process change

STEP 1: Determine if the proposed Manufacturing Process Change Requires Submittal to Sikorsky for Technical Review and Disposition

To do this, answer the following question:

Does any drawing, SES, or any other Sikorsky document specify the requirement for the supplier to propose and obtain Sikorsky approval prior to making any Manufacturing Process Change?

  • If the answer is NO, then a submittal to Sikorsky is NOT required.
  • If the answer is YES, then follow the instructions (Step 2 - Step 5).

STEP 2: If a Manufacturing Process Change Submittal is required, acquire access to the Sikorsky Supplier Portal by using the following links:

STEP 3: After being granted access to the Sikorsky Supplier Portal download the Manufacturing Process Change Proposal form. Include all necessary documentation and reference materials so the process change proposal can be reviewed and dispositioned.

STEP 4: Fill out the form completely and submit it through the Sikorsky Supplier Portal. Include all necessary documentation and reference materials so the process change proposal can be reviewed and dispositioned.  

STEP 5: After the form and supporting documentation is submitted, your submittal will be logged, checked for completeness, and when verified ready for processing, routed for technical review and disposition. If questions about your submittal arise or an issue with the submittal is identified, the submittal will be returned with reasons noted for your revision and resubmittal.


Sikorsky maintains an active licensing program, enabling licensees to manufacture and sell products other than helicopters, using many Sikorsky trademarked product names, logos, and pictures. Typical licensed trademarked products include toy helicopter models and apparel. Inquiries regarding Sikorsky trademark licensing will be forwarded to our licensing agent.

Please use the button below for all inquiries regarding Sikorsky licensing.