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Ready for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism?
Learn more about the European Commission guidance and implementing regulations for CBAM.
Protect Against Expert Network Solicitations
Stay vigilant against the “hidden spies” in your inbox, online or on your mobile devices
Be Proactive to Mitigate the Threat of Ransomware
Prevent intrusion against sophisticated malware posing significat risk to your business
Let's Talk Ethics
Do What’s Right, Respect Others and Perform with Excellence
Small Disadvantaged Business Threshold Increase
Check out recent updates to increases for Small Disadvantaged Business thresholds
Propelled by Principle
2022 Sustainability Report: Our principles guide us as we address complex, global challenges and propel toward a brighter future.
Reminder for U.S. Suppliers: 2022 NAICS Codes Available
U.S. and U.S. Territory suppliers are able to certify against 2022 NAICS codes. Beginning mid-summer 2023, invalid 2017 values will no longer be available
FAR Compliance & Unique Entity Identifier Reminder
To ensure compliance with FAR associated with FFATA reporting (FAR 52.204-10) you may be required to take action to register for and obtain a UEI
Supporting Our Suppliers
Streamlining COVID-19 Protocols As Public Health Emergency Ends
Shared Commitment to Equal Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity plays a vital role in establishing an equitable, productive, inclusive and diverse work environment.
Cyber/CMMC Level 1 & 2 Training Available
This training is self-paced and intended for a range of roles and responsibilities including from organizations seeking certification and CMMC compliance.
2022 NAICS Codes Now Reflected in Exostar TPM Profile
Effective March 6, Lockheed Martin suppliers are now able to certify against 2022 NAICS codes, while keeping 2017 values for prior purchase orders issued.
Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation
Enforcing MFA is far more than an issue of compliance, it is perhaps the most critical control in protecting critical customer missions.
Orion Program Small Business Partners
Small Business Showcase: 50 States for Artemis
LM eInvoicing 2023 Training
U.S. vendors can join the Accounts Payable team for basic training on navigation, invoices, purchase orders (POs) and payments.
NAICS and SBA Size Standards Changes
System Changes are Coming to Reflect 2022 NAICS Codes and SBA Size Standards Changes
Why Integrity Matters
Today’s supply chain challenges will become tomorrow’s crises if we do not thoughtfully address the underlying causes. For supply chains to be resilient, they must be diverse, robust, and secure.
Supply Chain Resilience in a High Threat Environment
Increasing the collective cyber resiliency of our supply chain is a priority for Lockheed Martin and for our customers. Our intelligence indicates an imminent threat by our adversaries to disrupt the U.S. support to Ukraine by targeting our suppliers.
FAR Compliance with FFATA Reporting
Establishing a SAM Unique Entity Identifier
Why You Need an Ethics and Compliance Program
Why You Need an Ethics and Compliance Program
CyberAssist Website – CMMC Level 1 Training Available
Level 1 training is to build awareness for DIB suppliers of the requirements and their obligation to meet FAR 52.204-21, basic cyber hygiene and specialized data handling and protection requirements aligned to DFARS 252.204-7012.
Conflict Minerals Report 2021
Conflict Minerals Annual Filing
Supply Chain ESG Stewardship
Supply Chain ESG Stewardship
New Feature with Logistics Service Provider
New Feature with Logistics Service Provider
Energy Efficiency Project Approval and Execution
Energy Efficiency Project Approval and Execution
CISA: Shields Up
CISA: Shields Up
Apache Log4j Vulnerability
Apache Log4j Vulnerability
Sustainability: Signaling Our Values
Signaling Our Values: Human Rights Report
CMMC 2.0
CMMC 2.0