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Utica, New York Solvent Dock Documents and Information


The site is located at 525 French Road, in the City of Utica. Lockheed Martin installed a groundwater treatment system, which is still in operation and continues to meet all regulatory standards.

  • Lockheed Martin is conducting a comprehensive remedial investigation to determine environmental conditions at the site, develop a plan to remediate the site if necessary, and implement a cleanup.
  • NYSDEC issued an Order on Consent to Lockheed Martin effective October 3, 2008.
  • The Order identifies areas of concern and requires the completion of certain investigation work, the development of proposed corrective measures, and the implementation of those measures after approval by NYSDEC.

Remedial Investigation

The purpose of the current study is to gain a better understanding of any residual environmental contamination at the site. The goals of the investigation are:

  • Identify areas of the site that have been affected by contamination;
  • Identify the source(s) of that contamination;
  • Determine if the contamination poses any risks to public health and the environment
  • Gather information needed to develop a proposed remedy to address the contamination.
  • The investigation is being performed by Lockheed Martin Corporation with oversight by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

Site Investigation

Site Work to be Completed Under supervision by NYSDEC.  Lockheed Martin will:

  • Investigate potential on and off-site impacts to soil, groundwater and indoor air
  • Assess the status of current and historic underground storage tanks that have not received approved NYSDEC closure status;
  • Evaluate the performance of a system to prevent soil vapors from entering the building
  • Evaluate the performance of the existing groundwater treatment system.
  • Based upon the results of these studies Lockheed Martin will submit a report (Corrective Measures Study) to NYSDEC that describes recommended courses of action for any of the areas of concern that are identified.
  • NYSDEC will use this report to select appropriate corrective measures and issue a Statement of Basis as described below.

Statement of Basis

Following the preparation of the Corrective Measures Study, NYSDEC will issue a draft Statement of Basis for public review and comment.

  • The Draft Statement of Basis summarizes the known environmental conditions at the site and selects the most appropriate corrective measures to complete clean up of the site.
  • NYSDEC will issue a notice in the newspaper accompanied by a fact sheet announcing that this document is available for public review, explain how you can get further information, and how you can submit comments on the draft.
  • The notice will also provide information on a public availability session where you can ask questions of representatives from NYSDEC, NYSDOH and Lockheed Martin.
  • After the Department has addressed all of the public comments, it will issue a final Statement of Basis that will specify the actions that Lockheed Martin must take to complete the environmental cleanup of the site.
Utica Fact Sheet January 2018
Utica Fact Sheet January 2018

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