MFC Products

Explore Lockheed Martin's Army Tactical Missile System, a leading-edge military rocket solution designed for precision and effectiveness in military operations.
Lockheed Martin Apache Fire Control products include electro-optical sensors and radar technologies for the AH-64D/E Apache helicopter.
ARISE is a family of integrated toolkits used to build a system-level weapon simulation – or “digital twin” – tool.
The ELGTR provides realistic PavewayTM II Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) tactical employment training for GBU-10/12/16 as a cost-effective alternative to expending operational LGB assets.
Unlock precision air-to-air and air-to-surface capabilities with our stealth technology-enhanced FLIR and IRST infrared sensor combination.
Santa Barbara Focalplane (SBF) offers a diverse selection of off-the-shelf and custom-built focal plane arrays (FPAs).
Supporting ranges of 70 KM and beyond, GMLRS is the go-to guided missile for precision strikes and assured mission success.
Gen 2 Turret (G2T) replaces the legacy Target Acquisition Designation Sight (TADS) system turret assembly.
Gen 3 Day Sensor Assembly (Gen 3 DSA) is the next step in the Gen 3 Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor system.
Gen 3 TADS/PNVS is the combat-proven, advanced electro-optical fire control system used by AH-64D/E Apache helicopter pilots.
Lockheed Martin’s Geospatial Technology team has a 20+ year history of creating discriminating solutions for our customers. With our expertise and products, we transform geospatial data into solutions for both commercial and defense markets. Our core competencies include precision targeting, supercomputing, digital twin technology, cloud architectures, terrain analytics, workflow automation and 3D processing. We have a proven track record of applying specialized technologies to solve complex geospatial problems.
Discover Lockheed Martin's GridStar Flow, a cutting-edge energy storage system offering efficient, scalable solutions for diverse power needs.
A multi-mission, multi-target capability with precision-strike accuracy, allowing for maximum operational flexibility.
The HIMARS rocket launcher is a flexible, affordable, and highly effective mobile artillery system designed to meet the demands of the modern battlefield.
Lockheed Martin Hardened Security for Intel processors is a virtualized platform that offers a full security run-time solution, which isolates and protects customer domains.
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control’s High Speed Wind Tunnel (HSWT) is a testing facility that characterizes the behaviors of aerospace products.
IRST21 is the next generation of Lockheed Martin’s legacy IRST sensor system, which accumulated over 300,000 flight hours on F-14 and international F-15 platforms.
An integrated dewar cooler assembly (IDCA) consists of a focal plane enclosed in a dewar and integrated with a cooler (the dewar seals the FPA so it can be cryogenically cooled).
A multi-domain combat solution that protects and defends our armed forces and allies against ever-changing global threats
Unleash Precision: JASSM, the powerful and proven long-range cruise missile, delivering unmatched air-to-ground capabilities for U.S. and allied forces.
Discover the Javelin, a portable and effective missile defense system, ideal for countering medium-range antitank threats.
LANTIRN ER, is offered as a newly fabricated pod, or as an upgrade to existing pods. It is deployed and proven on international F-15 and F-16 aircraft.
The LONGBOW Weapon System has been in full-rate production since 1996, with First Unit Equipped in 1998.
Legion Pod is a fully integrated, self-contained sensor system designed to support multiple platforms and environments. In production now, Legion Pod provides the armed services with a critical capability today while offering affordable growth for the future.
LRASM is a low-risk, multi-service, multi-platform, multi-mission Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare cruise missile.
A multi-platform, multi-mission launcher for the HELLFIRE and Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) family of missiles.
When threats like drone swarms evolve at the speed of commercial innovation, defensive technologies that combat these challenges must evolve even more quickly. That’s why Lockheed Martin has worked across multiple services to rapidly develop and prove a key Counter-Unmanned Aerial System defensive capability: MORFIUS – a reusable, high-power microwave-based interceptor for C-UAS and C-swarm scenarios.
Lightweight and easy to set up and use, MRTS is an affordable, standalone, Windows®-based man-portable tester.
Explore the M270 MLRS, Lockheed Martin's premier fighting vehicle, designed for unparalleled tactical rocket launching and battlefield effectiveness.
Next Generation Infrared Sensing (NGIS) is a multi-spectral, highly configurable imaging focal plan array (FPA)
Lockheed Martin’s Open Architecture Processor (OAP) controls and processes information from multiple sensors and self-defense systems, and drives a variety of information displays.
The Paveway II Plus Laser Guided Bomb from Lockheed Martin integrates an advanced guidance system to convert conventional gravity bombs into precision guided munitions.
Lockheed Martin’s PDAS is the first tactical installation of a multi-functional, embedded DAS for Army aviation.
The next generation live drop trainer, providing the Warfighter with affordable live-fire training for both single mode and dual mode direct attack weapons.
The PrSM is our next-generation, long-range precision-strike missile designed for the U.S. Army’s PrSM program, delivering unparalleled long-range capabilities.
The MLRS Family of Munitions includes three rockets and four missiles with an additional six variants in development.
The SOF GLSS contract is U.S. Special Operations Command's (USSOCOM) largest service contract vehicle providing a wide range of tailored logistics, maintenance and sustainment services.
Santa Barbara Focalplane (SBF) is a premier supplier of single, multi-band and multi-spectral sensor core subsystems.
Discover the Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod by Lockheed Martin, offering precision targeting capabilities for military applications.
Spike NLOS is a multi-purpose, electro-optical/infrared missile system. Its advanced rocket motor provides capability to reach ranges up to 32 kilometers.
The TADS Electronic Display and Control is the modernized replacement for the Optical Relay Tube (ORT) located in the co-pilot/gunner (CPG) crewstation of the AH-64 Apache Helicopter.
The Target Sight System (TSS) is the multi-sensor electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) fire control system (AN/AAQ-30A) for the U.S. Marine Corps AH-1Z attack helicopter.
Experience the combat-proven THAAD, a top missile interceptor, protecting against ballistic threats with unmatched effectiveness.